Asian Americans Addiction & Mental Health Support

Asian Americans are facing discrimination and racism at large in recent months, and the stress this can cause may be amplified by the general lack of communication with regard to mental healthcare among the Asian American communities. Here, we hope to provide some helpful resources as well as some actionable ways to improve your mental health.


  • We’ve assembled a list of 2 crisis hotlines for Asian Americans along with 3 non-crisis treatment directories for finding culturally competent mental healthcare.
  • Find 4 organizations that are devoted to Asian American mental healthcare as well as 6 online platforms and communities for Asian Americans, by Asian Americans.
  • We’ve also found 8 podcasts that are specific to Asian American issues as well as 6 videos that can further support positive mental health practices.
  • Finally, we have 5 articles that speak to some of the issues faced by Asian Americans today along with 8 social media accounts that are moving the conversation forward regarding anti-Asian racism in America and how to protect and improve mental health.

Although Asian Americans currently have the lowest rates of substance abuse, that does not mean this group is completely unaffected by it. In fact, according to SAMHSA, 3.7% of Asian Americans 18 and older reported struggling with substance abuse in the last year. However, only 0.1% of Asian Americans reported receiving treatment for substance abuse– a large difference. The cause of this cannot be definitively known, however, studies do suggest that Asian Americans are more likely to hide their substance abuse and suffer in silence until the consequences of their addiction no longer allow them to do so.

This disparity can be attributed in part to language and cultural barriers. Some barriers include the fact that mental health is often considered a taboo topic in many Asian cultures, as well as the fact that Asian Americans are more likely to turn to personal networks such as loved ones or religious leaders rather than outside services. Studies show that there is also a general lack of culturally competent resources available to Asian American communities, as well as a lack of awareness in regard to services that do exist.

Asian AmericansWe have gathered some helpful mental health and crisis resources that are intended to provide Asian Americans culturally competent help regarding positive mental health practices. Below are 42 mental health and substance abuse resource for Asian Americans:

Crisis Lines

Treatment Directories

  • National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network: This organization is committed to transforming the mental health of queer and trans people of color.
  • South Asian Therapists: A directory of South Asian mental professionals that provide therapy services around the country.
  • Asian Counseling and Referral Services: This nonprofit promotes social justice and the well-being and empowerment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other underserved communities by developing, providing, and advocating for innovative, effective, and efficient community-based multilingual and multicultural services.

Organizations + Foundations

  • The Asian American Drug Abuse Program: A non-profit organization dedicated to providing substance abuse services including education, treatment, and facilitating economic development to increase job skills and employment opportunities.
  • Together Empowering Asian Minds: An organization working to engage, educate and empower Asian Americans with culturally relevant resources and peer support in order to destigmatize seeking help for mental health problems.
  • Womankind: An organization offering survivors of violence access to a safe place to live, counseling, legal assistance, wellness activities and so much more. They are experts in serving Asian communities.
  • Project Lotus: Through educating and empowering today’s Asian-American communities, Project Lotus advances the movement of Asian-Americans blossoming and addressing mental health stigma, shame, and overall perception and care of mental health.

Online Platforms + Communities

  • It’s Ji-Youn Kim: An online platform with thoughtful articles and virtual counseling services from Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Ji-Youn.
  • Asian Pride Project: A project highlighting the voices of LGBTQ individuals and their Asian and Pacific Islander (API) families and communities through film, video, photography, and the written word – as a medium for social justice and advocacy in the LGBTQ realm.
  • The Cosmos: Creating spaces for Asian women to care for themselves, their community, and their world.
  • Recovery Dharma: A virtual support group for those in recovery that is inspired by Buddhist techniques.
  • Modern Health Circle Series- Healing Asian Communities: A series of therapist-led Circles designed to address anti-Asian racism that has grown since the start of the Covid pandemic.
  • Asian Mental Health Collective: A nonprofit working to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health within the Asian community.


  • The Full Well Podcast: Conversations about the intersection of Asian American identity and mental health– exploring experiences, beliefs, and what it all means.
  • Human Up: An emotionally-stunted dude, raised between Asian and American culture and in the tech world, explores what it means to be emotionally intelligent.
  • Happy Asian Male Podcast: Happy Asian male discussing sex, philosophy, and health.
  • Feeling Asian: Hosts Youngmi and Brian discuss their feelings and emotions regarding a wide array of topics.
  • Why You No Doctor: An Asian American Podcast: A non-for-profit podcast that documents stories from established Asian professionals to empower young Asians around the globe to pursue unconventional career paths.
  • Pearls of Wisdom from Cold Tea Collective: Sharing stories from Asian influencers and creators.
  • Yellow Glitter: Mindfulness through the eyes and soul of a gay Asian.
  • Stories of Stigma: South Asian Mental Health: A one-stop resource for South Asians to learn about and address mental health concerns with each other.



Social Media Follows

  • Hieu Pham, LCSW: A licensed therapist, sharing her expertise via her Instagram account with thoughtful posts and eye-catching graphics.
  • Asians for Mental Health: An account run by Clinical Psychologist & speaker Jenny Wang, Ph.D., highlighting health & wellness, Asian American identity, mental health, social justice, and therapy options.
  • The Allied Minds Co.: A community dedicated to the intersection of mental health and social justice.
  • The Mind Health Spot: Run by a clinical psychology graduate student discussing mental wellness, education, and advocacy with an emphasis on Asian Americans.
  • Exploring Therapy: Run by online therapist Dr.Therese posting about mental health, travel, and remote work wellness.
  • Mental Health CEO: Mental health coach Ron Yap shares his tips and expertise.
  • Alyssa Marie Wellness: A psychotherapist advocating for social justice and mental health.
  • Mind and Me: A community-run by Harvard graduate student Vaishali for the purposes of mental health awareness and psychoeducation.