The Top-Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Montana

There are 55 dual diagnosis treatment centers in Montana. Our editors selected the 5 top facilities based on reviews, accreditations, and how effectively they treat addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.


  • Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, Clearview Horizon, and 3 other treatment centers. (View All)
  • Each treatment center in our list has: (a) The Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission or a CARF accreditation for addiction services, (b) Composite online review score of 2.5/5 stars or better, (c) Robust programs that effectively treat dual diagnosis disorders.

Top Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center in Montana

406-453-5080   |    Visit Website

920 4th Avenue North, Great Falls, Montana 59401

Treatment may include nutrition management, equine-assisted therapy, family programs, spirituality, mindfulness, breathing, and meditation. Recreational options include hiking through national parks, movies, art classes, gardening, sports, bowling, and more. A combination of techniques is the most effective form of treatment, especially for co-occurring disorders.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, and eating disorders.

Levels of Care: Medical Detox, Inpatient Treatment, PHP


Online Reviews: A
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal

Clearview Horizon

Clearview Horizons in Montana

888-796-5484   |    Visit Website

54 Serenity Lane, Heron, Montana 59844

Clearview Horizon is a girls’ treatment center that provides a combination of school, athletics, emotional mentorships, and workshops. These girls may participate in activities such as aerobics, self-defense, dance, rock climbing, seasonal activities depending on weather, DBT, CBT, EMDR, trauma therapy, art therapy, life skills development, and family-inclusive workshops and therapy.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-harm.

Levels of Care: Residential Treatment


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal & CARF Accredited

Rimrock Foundation

Rimrock Foundation in Montana

800-227-3953   |    Visit Website

1231 North 29th Street, Billings, Montana 59101

The following treatments are used in combination with one another to form a well-rounded and cohesive plan for treating substance abuse and mental illness: individual and group counseling, nutrition and medication management, recreation activities, education, 12-step, spirituality, art therapy, and relapse prevention.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and eating disorders.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment, PHP, IOP, Sober Living, Aftercare


Online Reviews: C
Accreditations: CARF Accredited & NAATP Accredited
Editorial Note: The Rimrock Foundation has multiple locations around Billings and Montana at large, and different levels of care are provided at different facilities.

Turning Winds

Turning Winds in Montana

800-845-1380   |    Visit Website

31733 S Fork Road, Troy, Montana 59935

The core feature of the Turning Winds residential program involves recreational adventure therapy. Along with the classic therapeutic methods, clients also participate in hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, fishing, snowboarding, camping, swimming and golf.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Treatment


Online Reviews: D
Accreditations: CARF Accredited

Petty Creek Ranch

Petty Creek Ranch in Montana

406-722-3226   |    Visit Website

2018 Petty Creek Road, Alberton, Montana 59820

Petty Creek Ranch is a faith-based treatment program for teen boys from ages 12 to 18. Treatment involves CBT, 12-step, conflict resolution, relapse prevention, individual and group therapies. The basis of treatment here involves a mentorship program that focuses on positive relationship building. Other options may be available depending on each client’s needs and interests.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Levels of Care: Residential Treatment, Sober Living


Online Reviews: N/A
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal & NAATP Accredited

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