The Top-Rated Dual Diagnosis Centers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There are 36 dual diagnosis treatment centers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our editors selected the 6 top facilities based on reviews, accreditations, and how effectively they treat addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.


  • UPMC Western, Step By Step Inc, and 4 other treatment centers. (View All)
  • Each treatment center in our list has: (a) The Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for addiction services, (b) Composite online review score of 1/5 stars or better (our grading system explained), (c) Robust programs that effectively treat dual diagnosis disorders. 

Top Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Step By Step

Step By Step Inc in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

610-776-1224 |   Visit Website

2015 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104

Clinicians work with their clients to determine what their specific goals are, and treatment options are picked based on those needs. Evidence-based addiction treatment is designed to address both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Some options include individual therapy, medication assistance and management, group and family counseling, and a variety of support groups. The goal is to help clients look forward to long-term recovery by establishing goals and treatments that lead towards those goals.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety and depression.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Treatment, Outpatient


Online Reviews: A
Accreditations: CARF
Editorial Comment: Step By Step works with adults with co-occurring mental health conditions and substance abuse, but they must be showing primarily a need for substance abuse treatment.

DreamLife Recovery

DreamLife Recovey in Donegal, Pennsylvania

844-402-3592 |   Visit Website

212 Snyder Road, Donegal, Pennsylvania 15628

Eastern spirituality and 12-step models combine together to create the overarching treatment philosophy at DreamLife Recovery. By using more modern, evidence-based therapies to support holistic wellness techniques, clients are given more well-rounded and comprehensive treatment services during their time at DreamLife. Each person who comes to this facility for help will have access to their own, private living space, a gym, and a cafeteria area where meals are provided.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety disorders, depression, borderline personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and eating disorders.

Levels of Care: Detox, Residential Treatment


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: Joint Commission, NAATP

Adaptive Behavioral Services

Adaptive Behavioral Services Inc in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

412-661-7790 |   Visit Website

204 North Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

Adaptive Behavioral Services’ core belief is that the client must be treated as a whole, and once the entire person is treated, the symptoms of substance abuse will be easier to address and overcome. Their peer support group is one of the most critical pieces of each treatment plan. It allows clients and their peers to connect, form relationships, and learn various skills from their peers that can help treat those underlying or co-occurring disorders that may have led to drug or alcohol use.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and ADHD, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, and depression.

Levels of Care: Outpatient


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: Joint Commission

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KidsPeace’s Sacred Heart

KidsPeace Sacred Heart in Allentown, Pennsylvania

610-799-7113 |   Visit Website

451 Chew Street, Suite 105, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102

Treatment is provided to individuals of all ages from 13 to 65. Because they are able to accept urgent walk-ins, KidsPeace takes on the most severe cases and ensures that anyone who needs help has services available to them. Clients will have access to evaluations, individual and group therapies, parental support, family therapy, and medication management. Their main model of treatment is The Matrix Model, which can include some combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and 12-step methods.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety and depression.

Levels of Care: Outpatient


Online Reviews: F
Accreditations: Joint Commission
Editorial Comment: There are two other locations around Pennsylvania that deal with different treatment options for individuals in need.

VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

412-822-3000 |   Visit Website

University Drive C, Building 29, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15240

The VA Center for Treatment of Addictive Disorders offers a variety of treatment services to their veteran clients, including detox, medication assistance, individual counseling, and follow-up care. They also provide specific services for veterans that might be struggling with substance abuse as well as homelessness. The VA Healthcare System ensures that veterans have access to all sorts of mental illness and substance abuse treatment programs at the same time to address the person as a whole.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal ideation.

Levels of Care: Outpatient Detox, Residential Treatment, Outpatient


Online Reviews: N/A
Accreditations: Joint Commission
Editorial Comment: The VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System offers more than just behavioral health services. They are a government-funded organization that works to provide veterans with all types of health services or other resources needed.

UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital

UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

412-246-5278 |   Visit Website

225 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15221

Treatment programs at UPMC for substance abuse also focus on treating mental health disorders or any co-occurring conditions that may need to be addressed as well. Along with medication assistance and management through trained professionals, clients will also have access to prevention techniques, education services, medical detoxification, and intervention services. Each recovery program is evidence-based and planned according to the specific needs of the individual. Services through UPMC are extended both to the individual struggling with addiction and to their family members. And because substance abuse affects all areas of life, UPMC clinicians work with their clients to address physical, spiritual, and mental health alongside relationship improvement and the development of skills to improve work, education, and life responsibilities.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, mood disorders, OCD, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and suicidal ideation.

Levels of Care: Inpatient, Outpatient


Online Reviews: N/A
Accreditations: Joint Commission
Editorial Note: As a medical center, UPMC also provides treatment for mental health issues alone.

Our Grading System

We assign letter grades to each center based on their cumulative online review ratings:

  • A = 4.26 – 5 Stars
  • B = 3.51 – 4.25 Stars
  • C = 2.76 – 3.5 Stars
  • D = 2 – 2.75 Stars
  • F = > 2 Stars

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