The Top-Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Maine

There are 91 dual diagnosis treatment centers in Maine. Our editors selected the 7 top facilities based on reviews, accreditations, and how effectively they treat addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.


  • Liberty Bay Recovery, Aware Recovery Care, Pinetree, and 4 other treatment centers. (View All)
  • Each treatment center in our list has: (a) The Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for addiction services, (b) Composite online review score of 3/5 stars or better, (c) Robust programs that effectively treat dual diagnosis disorders.

Top Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Liberty Bay Recovery

Liberty Bay Recovery in Maine

855-607-8758  |    Visit Website

343 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine 04101

Treatment programs are going to include group therapy, individual therapy, medication assistance and management, case management, yoga, meditation, CBT, DBT, 12-step programs and family therapy and education. Clients will meet regularly with a treatment team to decide the course of treatment as well as any modifications that need to be made during the recovery process.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, OCD, mood disorders, bipolar disorder and personality disorders.

Levels of Care: Detox, PHP, IOP, Residential


Online Reviews: A
Accreditations: Joint Commission

Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care

203-779-5799   |    Visit Website

500 Southborough Drive, Suite 205, South Portland, Maine 04106

Aware Recovery Care provides in-home mental health and substance use disorder treatment industry. Supported by a specially-trained team of addiction professionals, Aware’s program is backed by both logic and data. Their home-based care includes in-home withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment and management, individual therapy, family therapy, and coordinated medical and behavioral healthcare.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment, chronic illnesses, depression, and anxiety.

Levels of Care: Residential Treatment


Online Reviews: A
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal
Editorial Note: Aware Recovery Care is not a “treatment center” in the traditional sense, but instead comes to your home to provide treatment.

Pinetree Recovery

Pinetree Recovery in Portland, ME

207-618-9611 |    Visit Website

17 Bishop Street, Portland, Maine 04103

Treatment plans are going to incorporate some combination of life skills training, relapse prevention, vocational training, communication skills, family involvement, aftercare planning, individual therapy and group sessions. They also offer medication management and 12-step programming.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety and depression.

Levels of Care: IOP


Online Reviews: A
Accreditations: Joint Commission

SequelCare of Maine

SequelCare of Maine in Portland, Maine

1-207-847-2273  |    Visit Website

70 Bayview Street, Yarmouth, Maine 04096

Treatment is going to include targeted case management, daily living skills development, individual, group, family and couples therapy, and medication management. Clients will regularly meet with their treatment team to assess progress and make modifications if needs have changed or if recovery goals change.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression and trauma.

Levels of Care: OP


Online Reviews: A
Accreditations: Joint Commission

Kennebec Behavioral Health

Kennebec Behavioral Health in Portland, Maine

1-888-322-2136 |    Visit Website

67 Eustis Parkway, Waterville, Maine 04901

Clients struggling with substance abuse will have access to screening, assessments and evaluation, individual, group and family therapy, relapse prevention, group and community education, and training and consultation. Some clients may also be offered play therapy and medication management.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, eating disorders, and ADHD. They provide psychiatric only and eating disorder only services as well.

Levels of Care: OP


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: CARF

Foundation House

Foundation House in Maine

207-791-2000   |    Visit Website

160 Preble Street, Portland, Maine 04101

Foundation House is a men’s recovery program that aims to provide a solid foundation in recovery as well as a reintroduction into an independent and healthy lifestyle. In addition to clinical therapy and psychiatric care, the program at Foundation House provides a comprehensive holistic treatment program that includes acupuncture, therapeutic fitness, float therapy, art therapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation, and 12-Step recovery practices.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse and depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Levels of Care: Residential Treatment, IOP, Sober Living, Aftercare


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal & NAATP Accredited
Editorial Note: In addition to residential treatment, entry into Foundation House also includes memberships at the local YMCA, Recon Fitness, and the Evo Rock Gym as well as the opportunity to take part in their International Expeditions. Past destinations for their International Expeditions have included India, Africa, and Europe.

McLean Borden Cottage

Borden Cottage in Maine

617-855-3450   |    Visit Website

235 Bay View Street, Camden, Maine 04843

Borden Cottage specializes in treating men and women who have previously completed a treatment program but have relapsed or are at risk to relapse, who are ambivalent about making the changes needed to maintain sustained recovery, or who have tried other treatment programs but were not ready for and/or satisfied with the previous care.

What They Treat: Dual diagnosis substance abuse, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and OCD.

Levels of Care: Residential Treatment


Online Reviews: C
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal

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