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Meet Our Staff

Mike Smeth


Mike Smeth has been building innovative websites since 2008 when he rediscovered his childhood passion for collecting sports cards. He spent several months designing his first website, but upon launching it found it made absolutely no sales. Thus began his fascination with SEO. Although Mike enjoyed the sports space, he didn’t find the work overly fulfilling.

A series of life events led Mike Smeth to the mental health space in 2018. Mental illness and addiction were issues that impacted his life from a young age, and he found a great deal of purpose in focusing his professional and personal attention towards helping others in their time of need.

Mike started Live Another Day in order to provide the best possible resources to those in need. It’s still very much a work in progress but is something he’s committed to building and improving over the long term.

He believes in equal access to mental health resources, as well as the importance of quality treatment providers in facilitating healing. Mike also strongly believes in creating and sharing prevention resources, particularly those related to overdose and suicide.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, trying new restaurants, spending time with friends, and taking his dog for walks.

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