The 8 Best-Rated Drug Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

There are 424 rehabs in Massachusetts that treat alcoholism and drug addiction. Only 8 of these rehabs met our rigorous editorial standards for high-quality treatment.


  • Evoke Wellness, Washburn House, Recovery Centers of America at Danvers, Spring Hill, The Dimock Center, McLean Hospital, AdCare Hospital, and High Point Treatment Center (View All)
  • Each treatment center in our list has: (a) The Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for addiction services, (b) Composite online review score of 3/5 stars or better (our grading system explained), (c) Robust programs that effectively treat substance abuse in an inpatient setting.

Best-Rated Drug Rehab Centers

Evoke Wellness

Evoke Wellness in Massachusetts

617-917-3485   |    Visit Website

1 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025

When clients enter the residential program at Evoke Wellness, they will meet with their therapist, drug addiction specialist, and psychiatrist each day. Each personalized treatment plan is going to include a combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment options such as individual and group therapies and an emphasis on nutritional wellness. Clients are provided with 24/7 supervision and access to treatment professionals, medication management, individualized case management, psychoeducation and cognitive behavioral therapy. Evoke Wellness does offer gender-specific treatment, and each client stays for a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 days depending on the level of care needed. Following residential, many clients will step down to some form of outpatient therapy.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment


Online Reviews: A
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal

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Washburn House

Washburn House in Massachusetts

855-298-3104   |    Visit Website

1183 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01603

Washburn House provides clients with a comprehensive variety of treatment options that work to treat the client as a whole, along with 24/7 care and medical assistance, especially for individuals going through detox and experiencing withdrawal. Each client will participate in at least 10 hours of group therapy weekly and 15 hours of educational groups. They will also participate in at least three individual therapy sessions. Clients may also get to choose from a variety of different holistic therapy methods, including yoga, painting, poetry, journaling, performance therapy, music therapy and book club. Men and women live in different areas of the facility and can have either private or semi-private living spaces depending on need.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment, PHP, IOP


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal

Recovery Centers of America at Danvers

Recovery Centers of America at Danvers in Massachusetts

978-767-2847   |    Visit Website

75 Lindall Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923

Recovery Centers of America at Danvers is a family based program, and they offer clients so many different treatment options to ensure all needs and goals are met. Some of the options offered will include an immersive 12 step program, individual and group therapy, diet and nutrition counseling and planning, interactive skill based workshops, and therapeutic service animals. A combination of these evidence-based approaches and holistic methods helps treat the individual as a whole and can equip each client with positive and healthy coping mechanisms. Treatment is provided to men and women ages 18 and older, and Recovery Centers also offers specific programming for patients who have relapsed, for first responders and veterans, for elderly clients, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Levels of Care: Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP, IOP, Sober Living


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal & NAATP Accredited

Spring Hill Recovery Center

Spring Hill Recovery Center in Massachusetts

888-603-2860   |    Visit Website

250 Spring Hill Road, Ashby, Massachusetts 01431

The residential program at Spring Hill helps clients to identify triggers and underlying causes of their addiction, learn how to cope with those triggers and cravings, prevent relapse through healthier habits, learn and develop life skills, and learn how to manage stress. Treatment options offered at Spring Hill are: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, medication assistance, anger management, relapse prevention training, and yoga and meditation. Recreational activities and therapeutic fitness are also a large part of the residential program in order to help promote overall wellness. Outdoor recreational activities include hiking, campfire meetings, and training with certified persons.

Levels of Care: Residential Treatment, PHP, IOP, Sober Living


Online Reviews: B
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal

The Dimock Center

The Dimock Center in Massachusetts

617-442-8800   |    Visit Website

55 Dimock Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02119

In the women’s only residential facility, clients are offered a treatment plan that includes trauma informed care, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, music and art therapy, yoga, and a variety of other expressive treatments depending on the client and what they’re interested in. Clients will also have access to women’s doctors and clinics for medical purposes. They have a different programs for different levels of residential care: Women’s Renewal, and My Sister’s House. The men’s only residential programs include the John Flowers Recovery Home and Askia Community. Each center is going to provide different plans depending on the specific needs of each client.

Levels of Care: Residential Treatment, PHP, IOP, Sober Living, Aftercare


Online Reviews: C
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal
Editorial Note: The Dimock Center provides gender-specific transitional living and sober living programs.

McLean Hospital

McLean Hospital in Massachusetts

877-263-3510   |    Visit Website

115 Mill Street, Belmont, Massachusetts 02478

McLean Hospital offers short term residential care for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Each plan is going to be individualized based on the client’s specific history, needs and recovery goals. Different treatments offered include group, individual and family therapy, medical stabilization, and relapse prevention. Clients are assured that the treatment they receive is evidence-based, targeted at their specific condition, and that they will be provided with education, support, and medical consultation and assessments. Relapse prevention therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational enhancement are also integral pieces of treatment at McLean Hospital.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment, PHP, IOP, Aftercare


Online Reviews: C
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal & NAATP Accredited

AdCare Hospital of Worcester

AdCare Hospital in Massachusetts

866-423-5841   |    Visit Website

107 Lincoln Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01605

Offering residential treatment to 114 individuals at a time, AdCare Hospital of Worcester provides clients struggling with substance abuse individualized plans that are designed to meet individual needs and goals. They offer both inpatient detox and inpatient treatment. Clients of AdCare Hospital will be in a safe and medically supported environment with 24/7 supervision for 90 days of treatment. Offered services are going to include DBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, medication assistance if needed, SMART recovery, psychoeducation, art therapy, and rational emotive behavioral therapy. Clients may also participate in educational seminars, early recovery groups, 12-step programs, and fitness therapy.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment, PHP, IOP


Online Reviews: C
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal

High Point Treatment Center

High Point Treatment Center in Massachusetts

508-224-7701   |    Visit Website

1233 State Road, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

The High Point Treatment Center’s Plymouth Campus offers clients a combination treatment plan that includes detox services with addiction and psychiatric treatment. Clients will be offered medication management services, individual, group and family therapy, expressive therapy, 12-step programs and aftercare planning. Utilizing these therapies helps equip each client with life skills and positive and healthy coping mechanisms that can prolong sobriety after treatment has been completed.

Levels of Care: Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Treatment, PHP, IOP, Sober Living, Aftercare


Online Reviews: C
Accreditations: Joint Commission Gold Seal

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